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Increase farming support to reduce logistics costs

Issuing time:2019-05-08 00:00

The Provincial Government Standing Committee held yesterday proposed 11 points to stabilize pork prices, ensure food safety, and increase farming assistance.

According to the Provincial Department of Commerce, since June last year, the purchase price of live pigs in our province has continued to rise. After May this year, the gains accelerated. At the end of June, the purchase price of live pigs was 20 yuan/kg, up more than 100% year-on-year. The price of pork also rose along with one way. The wholesale price of pork in June was 26.52 yuan/kg, which was more than 100% year-on-year, up 42.96% from January this year.

Due to the continuous increase in the price of meat, the recent market sales have declined. On July 1, the province's wholesale market transaction volume decreased by 36.86% compared with the previous week (June 17).

For the rising price of meat, yesterday's meeting put forward 11 points to stabilize pork prices. Zhao Zhengyong said that the large fluctuations in pork prices for pig farmers are "and they are also worried. They also hope that the market will be stable and they do not want prices to fluctuate."

It is understood that in the second half of 2007, the state introduced some policies to support pig production, and some policies have not been implemented to date. "Can't forget the peasants if the situation is good." Zhao Zhengyong warned officials at all levels.

This time, supporting production will start from increasing insurance, helping corporate loans, monitoring feed prices and quality. “Financial institutions should study loan support for pig farming.” Zhao Zhengyong said, and used a certain amount of funds to discount interest.

Due to the increase in feed prices, some farmers reported that “pigs eat more expensive than people eat”, and Zhao Zhengyong asked for strict monitoring of the price and quality of feed.

At present, in the price of pork, the cost of logistics accounts for a considerable amount of expenses. Therefore, “the toll road toll station should be cancelled and the road toll should be reduced.” Zhao Zhengyong emphasized that the circulation cost must be effectively reduced.

In response to the recent food safety issues, Zhao Zhengyong demanded a severe crackdown in accordance with the law, "cannot let food safety problems damage the credibility of the government."

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