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Air freight to Frankfurt, Germany

Issuing time:2019-05-09 10:59

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Frankfurt is Germany's most important railway, road and air transportation hub, and Frankfurt Airport has become one of the world's most important international airports and air transport hubs. Frankfurt is a famous international convention and exhibition center city. At least 50 major exhibitions are held here each year and are the busiest exhibition venues in continental Europe. The main exhibitions include international auto shows, traditional book fairs, and the world's largest consumer goods show.

Departure airport: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai

Destination airport: Frankfurt (Germany)

Direct flights: Lufthansa (LH), China International Airlines (CA), China Southern Airlines (CZ), Hong Kong Cathay Pacific (CX), etc., flight intensive.

Estimated timeliness: direct flights can be reached on the same day, and flights are usually two to three days.

Value-added services: Zhongchuang International Logistics can provide you with value-added services such as German DDU/DDP customs clearance, delivery, and FBA warehousing.

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