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Open top cabinet sea

Issuing time:2019-05-09 11:46

The open top cabinet is also called open top container or open top container, often called OT cabinet, the English full name Open Top Container, which is a kind of cabinet type of special cabinet. It is divided into a 20-foot open top cabinet and a 40-foot open top cabinet, abbreviated as 20’OT and 40’OT.

The open top cabinet has no box top and is a type of special cabinet. It is usually equipped with a waterproof canvas cover and a removable frame with a wire rope seal. Designed for ultra-high cargo and single-piece overweight cargo, and difficult to load and unload, it is easy to fix inside the container, which is good for unloading at the port of destination. Such as large equipment, large glass, precision machine tools, high-grade transformers and other products, all need to open the top cabinet service. When loading the top cabinet, roll the top canvas to one end and use the crane or other equipment to lift the goods from the top into the open top cabinet. The goods are not easily damaged, which greatly improves the safety factor.

Open top cabinet transportation is different from ordinary cabinet transportation. The experience and professionalism of the operation team is very important, otherwise it will cause transportation difficulties, ship company rejection and loading and unloading accidents. Tianlitong International Logistics Co., Ltd. provides professional open-top cabinets with one-stop service. We have a professional multi-faceted team that can skillfully operate trailers and cranes, and provide professional lifting, reinforcement, canvas cover and other tying according to the specific requirements of the goods. service. Tianlitong International Logistics Open Top Cabinet Operation Team provides you with comprehensive and professional open top cabinet, special cabinet operation and consulting services.

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